Monday, July 26, 2004

Toronto - let's love it again.

hey gang,

Welcome to the Alien Girl Records blog.  Boy, I never thought I would ever find myself using that word but there it is.  Slipped right into my vocabulary just like DVD !  ah, the 04 - there I go again... GEEZ

well, lots and lots to tell since we haven't really told much of ANYthing up until now.  We just set up the ... BLOG... after months of me hounding our admin staff (Michelle) to hook me up with one of these so I would have a new place to shoot my mouth off about all the great music and people around us.  Having just relocated back to the centre of the action in downtown TO, I am starting to be proud to be Torontonian again (being a displaced Haligonian in reality).  It has been a long love hate relationship but now that I no longer have to sail the seas of Queen E to travel back and forth to the office I am digging the summer and the city and summer in the city.  Now it's just a matter of getting used to the Portugese soccer fans going berserk and blocking the streets every time they win a game .  There is a certain charm in adults who aren't afraid to paint themselves in the colours of their flag.  I guess... uhm ... under the right conditions I suppose.

So yes, I do believe that Toronto needs a little more self confidence these days... let's face it - it is simply the most logical place to be doing business if you are in the music biz on any level.  Oh yes yes yes many will argue and I will understand and accept it all but for us, it is where we need to be so LET'S GO TORONTO !!!!  Let your freak flag fly.  There is far too much anti-Torontoism going around and it is totally unfair.  Sure - go ahead and hate the city but hate it for the hateable stuff - the bad city planning and the traffic and the smog and the lack of support for the arts but COME ON and love us for the artists and musicians who have always made this city great.  They really DO still exist.  Don't believe me?  Then look no further than my favourite new bar, The Communist's Daughter at Dundas W and Ossington. 

It is run by an old pal and veteran Toronto musician extraordinaire, Paul Emery.  What more can a person want in a local???  Cheap beer, inventive snacks and a jukebox full of some of the greatest records of all time (including his very OWN - how cool is THAT?).  And it THAT's not enough ... the staff and the customers all rock and you can tell em I said so. 

OK there ya go - my first in a series of reasons to LOVE Toronto again.  Go ahead and love it!
I dare ya !!!!  more to follow !!!!

Steve P Keeping
Alien Girl Records




Blogger Kenn said...

Cell phones and SUV's bad.
Independent Music good.
er... that's it really.

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