Thursday, August 12, 2004

Be a tourist in your own town

Well... I've said it before but... there has never been a better time to not travel.
And with that in mind, I invite you all to be a tourist in your own town. There's lotsa stuff right under your nose - right here in the city that seldom sleeps. So once again, I present you with more reasons to love this smelly town.
I've got two words for you - Baldwin Market. No no no - not KENSINGTON market - BALDWIN - go further east... past Spadina, past McCaul... right up the street from OCA and and the AGO. This lovely little summertime haven is just perfect for forgetting the snarling, nasty downtown fury and traffic and grooving out on the sights and sounds of people eating food - which is mostly what goes on here. But it isn't JUST food - not JUST the Mexican, Chinese, Veggie delights, Italian, and more. Tucked away in the middle of it all is one of the best used record stores I have ever stepped foot in. Around Again records is the one place I can always go for those strange and wonderful obscurities that peppered my youth with every conceivable sound from all over the globe.
Where else could I wander in and find a copy of URGH! A Music War... an amazing double record that was released in the 80's to accompany a documentary film of the same name - also now out of print. Just about every major figure in new wave checks in here. Then in the same month I scored a copy of Edikanfo's one and only North American release - produced by Brian Eno. and the best part? When I returned the next month BOTH records had been replaced! Quite simply astounding. The records are always mint and the folks who run the joint still seem to love records. NOW THAT's something you don't see every day.
John's Italian Pizza, Chinese tofu buns from the bakery, a great health food store, a new sushi place and one of the country's best record stores. And best of all, it is all five minutes from my place of employment.
One of Toronto's best kept secrets - Baldwin Market.
More to come...


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