Monday, August 16, 2004

The Cell Game

Hey - here's a fun game that you play in Downtown Toronto (or most likely just about anywhere these days). Walk around and see how many people you can count who AREN'T talking on a cell phone. It is absolutely insane! It really has become one of those things that you barely even notice anymore but once you decide to check it out it is utterly mind blowing. What could all of these people need to talk about so badly? Has it simply become a massive addiction - any free second people MUST check their phones. People on streetcars calling people to tell them that they are on the streetcar! How very exciting. How urgent!

OK now I know that I am supposed to be listing off reasons to love this city but consider this a minor diversion and then it will be all flowers and puppies and sunshine again. In fact, we ARE enjoying one of the most tolerable summers I have ever experienced in Toronto. Everyone keeps talking about how the unbearable heat will come soon but it never does. Sweet.

So this cell phone thing... I don't get it. What did everyone do ten years ago when they had to wait through all those horrible minutes of non-communication until they could find a pay phone to check messages? And is anyone really communicating anything outside of the endless business transactions that surround us every minute of every day in the downtown core or is it all just fluff - an excuse to hear your own voice coming out of your head? sheesh. You start to get the feeling that you are constantly slugging your way through a thick smog of words. It is like everyone suddenly just started talking to themselves all day long and in reality this is very likely closer to the truth than anyone will admit to.

So anyway - go ahead and try it sometime. It is nothing short of shocking. If you DO see someone who isn't talking on the phone - watch them for a few minutes and I bet they will pull out a phone and start checking messages. OK it isn't all that exciting but it IS one more free activity to do on your downtime.


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