Friday, August 13, 2004

Things to make the work day a fun day

OK well, fun might be stretching it but this is certainly something to help the hours glide by and it has nothing to do with Toronto. I will continue my tourist in your own town guide as it comes to me but in the meantime... if you are or have ever tried to be a fan or supporter of college radio but have taken issue with this or that - most of this or that being DJs who never announce, too many talk shows, too much jazz and in general just not enough CONTENT - then I may have some answers. This whole internet radio thing just used to be a drag or a joke or at the most positive - just not quite there yet. Well, we've come a long way, Baby and here are my picks for the best of the best.

First on my list is the station that changed my relationship with radio forever - WFMU in New Jersey. They can be found at and they have it all going on. No longer a college station - having long since declared their independance - they are like the best parts of college radio with all the bad stuff stripped away. Totally genre-free and free form 24 hours a day, they not only have fun, well informed, staff but they also have all shows in an archive for random access and most playlists are posted to go along with the archived shows. Wee ha ! If that isn't enough of a selling point then get up on Saturday and check out Greasy Kid Stuff. Best kids show ever.

Second on my list is the newly re-launched WOXY !!! No longer on the FM dial, they beam out of OHIO and while they are a bit "formatted" and the jocks are all slick, fast-talkers - the music is pretty consistenly decent. CMJ territory all the way - you won't hear anything too far outside of the major indie label rock but if that's your thing and you don't MIND hearing the new single from Interpol over and over again then check out
Still better than hearing the new Phil Collins single every day. Sorry Phil, just pulled your name out of the bad music hat.

The holy trinity is rounded out by long-standing favourite out of Seattle - KEXP. Similar to WOXY, and, like WOXY, they publish playlists and stream very well. Slick but amusing jocks and great new music but once again - you won't hear Captain Beefheart or american folk music field recordings but it still beats Clear Channel.

And on a more local note - the daily 3-6 slot on CHRW ain't half bad either.


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