Friday, October 22, 2004

New Glue Rocks

Alien Girl Records are pleased to announce our new business partnership with Toronto label New Glue Records. The label is operated by Ryder Graham and crew and is the home to Tetrazene, Z'Houndz and others and they have recently opened the online store where you can order all of the current material by Moe Kellogg and eventually, the other titles in the Alien Girl catologue. Ryder has been active in the Toronto music scene for years with projects such as underground psych-pop gazers R and Tetrazene and most recently his new classic rock party band Z'Houndz and several more experimental or dance-oriented projects - all of which can be heard on the excellent New Glue sampler. The collection also features several tracks by associated bands.
go check them at:

more updates soon.


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