Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Good Ideas Sometimes Work

I had been hearing a great deal about the 365 days project - mostly on WFMU whose various hosts have been sharing their discoveries with the listening public - so I finally made my way to the current host of this treasure chest of oddities in audio and I was not disappointed. I was amused for hours and only touched on the fringes of what this project has to offer. While you are there you should, of course, pay some attention to the brilliant host site as well.

Basically, the 365 days thing was a one MP3 per day - year long posting project full of strange trade show records, bad attempts by anyone and everyone to cash in on one fad or another - most notably the "free thinking" late sixties psych movement, crusty home recordings of popular hits played by an army of anonymous citizens, song-poems, training records, special message records, and so on.

The project ran throughout 2003 and has now been archived with considerable commentary and notes at who run a free space for sound work - mostly concrete poetry as well as papers regarding the same, etc. The entire site would take you several years to wade through but pretty much any random poke through any part of the site can fill a day with delights and new hope for humanity. There are entire records released exclusively through ubu for the free consumption of anyone who cares to hear the stuff. There should probably be a similar site for general polular music - well - I'm sure there must be but I have yet to find one that is so engaging and isn't trying to sell something in the bargain. The best part is - all of the material can be not only listened to but also downloaded and saved to your very own computer.
What more can you ask for?


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