Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Music That Matters

OK, so the time has come, dear friends, to get around to what I started this blog for in the first place - real news and reviews. The first thing on my list is the new album by Deep Dark United. It was recently released by the Blocks Recording club who can be found at www.blocksblocksblocks.com and it is truly one of the finest collections of music I have heard by anyone in quite some time. With a real pioneer spirit, Alex Lukashevsky and company take you on a wild ride through various genres while rendering such narrow categorization irrelevant. At first listen I would imagine that many people go through many reactions ranging from fascination to repulsion but for anyone looking for an original musical experience this record never stops unfolding. Densely packed with ideas, Ancient is not just some kind of party record to be ignored nor is it an intentionally difficult or cryptic code to be deciphered. It is just good old fashioned creativity at work existing within and without standard songwriting structure.

Every time I have seen DDU play live it is a unique experience and it took me several shows to sort out where the improv stops and where the structure starts. The initial reaction is that these guys work through mental signals but once you start to zone in you can see the direction within the chaos (which sometimes ensues). Some cynical folks - and there are far too many writing music reviews if you ask ME - might see this as lofty, or lazy, or artsy, or just plain confusing but to fall prey to this kind of thinking is to rob yourself of being swept up in the moments when and where they happen and climb on board for the ride of a lifetime. I count DDU shows as some of the best live music I will ever see and I have seen plenty including Fred Frith, John Zorn, the Constellation records family of bands and so on.

Deep Dark United are probably not for everyone but if you have ears and an imagination and want to pick up a record that won't disappoint, run, don't walk - well - run carefully and not with scissors - to your local fine record store and get yourself a copy before they simply disappear and don't blame me if they do. And a message to reviewers, don't be afraid to admit it when you simply don't understand the music. Try harder or write love advice columns or something more up your alley. Leave the music to the music lovers.

more new release info to follow - drop in again.


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