Friday, January 14, 2005

hooked on vinyl

Yes yes yes
the year in review. Ho hum. I guess my heart just wasn't into compiling a list this year. I might still try - just to shed light on a few more releases that didn't get much notice - but my recent obsession with the vinyl bin at my local Value Village keeps dragging my attention away from my many other tasks and interests. I mean, it isn't exactly some sort of magical treasure chest with great finds all the time but somehow, in a world where vinyl is pretty much a thing of the past for the majority of households, a new batch of oddities arrives every week from somewhere. These days I keep checking for more old pop records from Poland. I scored a few a couple of weeks ago and it totally sucked me in. Being official releases of the state in a place where western music was not endorsed by the government, the songs all have a contemporary western feeling with a very unique twist. Something about the voices and the language make this stuff infinitely listenable. Songs sung in a language I have no grasp on get stuck in my head for days and I find myself singing along phonetically. Violetta Villas in particular seemed to have a great sound on every track. A fabulous break from the average song.

Perhaps I will try to keep a weekly update of finds and hope the supply never runs out.


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