Wednesday, February 23, 2005

...we're nationwide

Time for a quick update on things in general while I am "in the mood"... so to speak.
First of all, it would unofficially appear at this time that we MIGHT be getting proper national distribution for the long awaited and soon to be well-loved debut album by Sadoceanspacebear. This, of course, means that there will be no good excuse for any household to be without the record. It should be readily available at any decent record retailer in your area in late April or early May. This spring we truly hope to hear the mighty din of hundreds of thousands - or at least 500 - piggy banks shattering as we finally release this collection of great songs to the world. It would be a big plus if we could drum up enough revenue to release some other great records by great people and make everyone happy in businessland. It should be cheap. And HEY KIDS! DON'T FORGET that all AGR releases can be easily ordered from the piracy of your own den by going to New Glue's site. Just buy one CD and burn as many as you like - but try to buy one at least. Then just burn copies and give em to those people who would never buy them anyway. No ... seriously.

Less than seriously, I decided on my next project this evening. I plan to do a complete cover - end to end - of The Clash's triple album Sandinista! That should enrage somebody. Chances are seriously good that I will never really finish it but it will give me something to do when I have free time and it will challenge someone else to do it first - which would be fine. I just think it's a fun idea.

And speaking of fun ideas (cuz I inVENted fun), I might just as well let this one out of the bag since I already mentioned it in an email to a total stranger today. There will be a solo release by me but not on Alien Girl. Hopefully it will all work out so that it will be included in the Alien Girl family but I felt like launching my own project. OK it IS a control issue. I'm fine with that conclusion... but it also has to do with release schedules and other technical music related issues that I am not at liberty to discuss. Not really. I just felt like it. It will be called Atlantic Depressive Records and it will, of course, be launched with my first official solo outing "All Washed Up And Ready To Go". No date on that yet but there will certainly be more details as I piece this thing together. The Sandinista! album will take considerably longer to pull off.

But enough about me !!
In case we haven't mentioned it yet - our stalwart guitarist for Sadoceanspacebear, Roan Bateman, has recently returned to the crew, having survived life in the French countryside for several months last year. He did many paintings and wrote music and then got tired of it and came home to the smog and bad driving that we all love best. Deep down. You can welcome him home personally at one of the upcoming shows where he will be accompanied by the ever charming and busy Melissa Boraski on other guitar and vocals. The band has never sounded better - no wait - MUSIC has never sounded better !!!

And speaking of Sandinista! I am officially throwing in my two cents worth that Lose This Skin by Tymonn (Timon?) Dogg is amongst the best clash recordings ever - and for God's sake, if anyone knows for real that Sandinista has already been covered, please let me know before I waste my time. Thanks. Then I can get to work on my melodica-only version of Brain Salad Surgery.


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