Thursday, April 28, 2005

Back again with news, views, and reviews but first the big stuff. Sadoceanspacebear - the debut album - is finally a reality. The album will be on Alien Girl Records, naturally, but will be lovingly nurtured by the gentle souls at Outside Music Distribution from coast to shining coast. Woo Hoo ! The album got its final touch up at the ever magical Chemical Sound Studios in Toronto by one of our guitar gods, Rudy Rempel and the art was donated by one of our other guitar gods, Roan Bateman who is now safely out of the hands of the French and back to stay (we hope). Mailouts have begun and with any luck at all the songs should be blasting out of every boombox and pimped up ride from here to Vancouver island and back to my home town of Halifax. The band will be hitting the road and doing our duty soon so keep an eye out.

Official street date for all this action is May 15 (look for the gorgeous ad in Exclaim Magazine this month once again courtesy of Roan Bateman) and our release party will be at one of our favourite locals - the Cadillac Lounge in Parkdale. Opening acts are still being confirmed but you can bet that it will be someone great. No word yet on the circus acts.

And speaking of things we love: more great records to check out ! I just can't seem to get these songs out of my head - Paul Emery and the Dickens "Lives of the Future Blessed" has been floating around out there for a little while but is still new to many and you may be amongst them. Look for it ! Bottleneck's second album "Late Nights and Early Mornings" is a must have for fans of kickass alt-country and tear jerking tunes sung by beautiful voices. Label mate Geoff Berner has recently released a stunning record by the name of Whiskey Rabbi on the Black Hen label. If you don't already have that one I would say find it !!!

Other tracks that I am stuck on lately are I'll Bet Your Body Tastes Like Pepperoni Ice Cream by Killer Pussy. Thanks to Mike Lupica of WFMU for having the great taste to include this on his peppy funding marathon compilation from last year which also features Nothing Can Bring Me Down by the Twilighters. One of heaviest garage rock tunes I have ever heard. Way to go FMU ! Finally, Liz Hysen's outfit, Picastro have just put out the second record and while I have yet to hear it all - I just KNOW that it will be a favourite soon enough. Oh - I'm sure that there is so much more but it is all escaping me now. Isn't that always the way.

Final plug for this entry is Bill Lasovich and the Willing Victims "Parkdale Sunset" which is not totally 100% on the market yet (having three albums in the works at once can cause such things to happen) but having had the honour of playing on the record I can safely say that it is one to watch for.

That is it for me. Watch your local stores for Sadoceanspacebear and don't forget that all Alien Girl Releases are currently available through Soundscapes in Toronto and through New Glue Records on the internet. Pleeeeeease check them out and buy a few for stocking stuffers. Why wait for Christmas to stuff stockings I always say.

Steve P Keeping
P.S. a big kiss for any of my family who ever venture into our site. I love you all as if we were ... well ... family ! even if I never call or visit.


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