Friday, May 20, 2005

it's out there !!!

First of all - many many thanks to all those who came out to the big CD release party at the Cadillac Lounge. The bar is such a comfy place and it is people like Sam, the owner of the CL, that make it all worthwhile. We felt at ease and very welcome and everyone had a great time. Thanks to 5th Projekt for doing such a marvelous set and thanks to Adam Cotton who played a brief but beautiful set and kicked off the festivities in fine form.

So the Sadoceanspacebear album is finally a reality. It was released to retail on May 17th and should be available across Canada at your favourite stores through Outside Music distribution. You may still have to ask for it but please - don't be shy. Step up and proudly ask for your copy. In case you missed it, there was a lovely revue in Eye Weekly (Toronto) last week - check the archives
So another thanks - a BIG one to Eye for leading the pack once again.

Thanks to Soundscapes record store in Toronto for being so easy to deal with and making us feel that music is still important. Anyone who saw the Johnny Dowd appearance in-store can attest to the fact that this store simply ROCKS. All Alien Girl releases can be found there or ordered from them.

And speaking of Johnny Dowd - after the blazing set at Soundscapes, JD and band went on to tear our brains out at the Horseshoe Tavern. What a show. Why this guy isn't getting line-ups around the block is a mystery to me. Just about the coolest show I have ever seen.

And on the disc trip, do yourself a favour and seek out the Dirty Projectors records. For anyone who enjoys music that takes it to the edge and back - you won't do better than the Getty Address out now on Western Vinyl. Thanks to Stan at WFMU for introducing me to this band. Listen to WFMU !!! You would be mad not to !!

Upcoming fun - Harkness will be returning from a Western tour very soon and we are delighted to be joining him and Mia Sheard at the Cameron House in early June - more details later. Doc Pickles (famed MC of the great Wavelength Music Series) will be releasing his latest masterpiece very soon and we will be joining him for the release party - check back for details.

Finally, one request to all non-Toronto writers and programmers and anyone else who is stuck on this anti-Toronto kick. Come on people. Really! It is just a city like any other and we all just happen to live here because ... well, many different reasons but ya know, many of us aren't even from here (I still consider myself a Haligonian) and it gets so tiresome reading all of the little digs against everyone who happens to have ended up in this town and lacks the means or desire to go elsewhere. Honestly, this whole thing is a bit ... well... without merit, really. Was that a nice way of putting it? Trying not to be too specific or nasty about this.

That's it. The summer is on the way and it's time for dancin in the streets no matter where those streets happen to be. Can't we all just get along?



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