Friday, August 12, 2005

Pickles and Secret Handshakes

Well, SURE, I say this all the time but... there will be so much more coming to the site very soon. A few brief news notes : As we have already mentioned, the brand new CD by Doc Pickles is now out and available through Alien Girl Records and we couldn't be more thrilled. Doc quietly released the record in a limited, hand printed CDR edition at a recent installment of the Wavelength music series (of which Doc has been the MC for many a year now). Look for a supercharged version soon. We will be taking another poke at it for a wider release with enhanced packaging and all the bells and whistles. A temporary information page has been added to the AGR site and we will be making additions and changes soon, including several new MP3s and photos. The album is currently sitting in the #2 position at CIUT in Toronto. Way to go, Doc.

Meanwhile, Michelle has moved along to her next production session, this time with youthful upstarts, the Secret Handshake. The tracks, recorded between our Silver Island live room and Hit Record Studio back at headquarters, are sounding mammoth and should be finished in no time at all. No word yet on whether this will be an AGR release or whether they are already heading for the big leagues but expect some portion of the output to appear on an upcoming AGR collection and keep an eye on the site for a Secret Handshake page.

Also still in the works - a new information page for Squirrel. A short while back AGR made available for the first time the first Squirrel recordings. Originally released as a cassette, Squirrel at the Gas Station was recorded at the now legendary old Gas Station studio with Dale Morningstar (Dinner is Ruined) and Don Kerr (Scribbled out Man, Ron Sexsmith, etc etc) and is a must have for all those who love to archive the history of the indie scene in Canada and for all lovers of great music.

Steve has recently done some new photo work for friends Procon who have a brand new record released south of the border by the good people at cochon records. Find out more at or More news soon.


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