Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Alien Girl Records Family Album Vol I

It is out there ! The very first copies of the new Alien Girl compilation have just gone out to our friends in Saskatoon. These limited edition collections are for radio give-aways only and are available during funding drive. We will be sending out several rounds of these - some later ones will hopefully contain a few new tracks that we couldn't get in on time for the first one. The idea is to make them all as unique as possible with plenty of unreleased recordings, out of print songs and some demos. The contributing artists are not necessarily on Alien Girl. These are simply friends whose work we admire and who are currently under-exposed ya might say. Independent musicians making great music - quietly. The track list is available on the "compilations" page of the website so please have a look. Thanks once again to every contributor. We ended up with some damned pleasing material here. I hope that everyone who wants one will get one by donating to local college radio. Once again - these will not be for sale.

Campus community radio is in need. Please help.


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