Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's ALL Happening !

The new Alien Girl compilation is coming together quite quickly. People can be so good sometimes. Tracks are already in from Rudy Rempel (brilliant stuff), The Sleepy Mosquito Buzz Quartet, Alex Lukashevsky (Deep Dark United), Kevin Lynn (King Cobb Steelie/the Straggler), Melissa Boraski (Ghost Hero), the Secret Handshake, and our own various items of course - Sadoceanspacebear, Sick Little Slinky, Moe Kellogg, etc. and there are still some calls to be made to a few other potential contributors who we are really expecting great things from. Robyn Carrigan in Vancouver is trying to find the time to get something together exclusively for this release, Bill Lasovich is providing the soon to be anthem Shania Twain. Yes - it's AAAAALL happening !

So what is this all about? In case you are just tuning in, it is coming up to that grand time of the year again - the time when we all band together to feed that great hungry golden beast called campus/community radio - the saviour of the airwaves !!! In case you have been living in a cave for the past ten years, you may have noticed that commercial radio is in a sad and sorry state. Huge corporations are forcing some of the blandest, most predictable PRODUCT down our throats and the burden on college radio has become greater and yet there has never been a time of greater potential for college radio to change the airwaves forever. Internet broadcasting has opened up most stations to a world-wide audience but it comes at a hefty price. It is far from cheap to maintain these feeds and pay for the bandwidth etc. I can't get into the weird science involved because it would soon become obvious that I have no idea what is truly involved but let's just say - I know it ain't cheap.

So what does this mean to you and what does this have to do with us???
Good questions, my friend... good questions. Well, first of all - what can you do? Tune in during funding drives, get involved, volunteer, man phone lines, help with record keeping, and otherwise just pledge pledge pledge.

This is where we come in. The new Alien Girl Compilation is all about college radio and funding time. Prompted by requests from Halifax and Saskatoon for goods, we saw that this was an excellent time to pull together some home baked treats and call upon several people whose work we admire and who we think should be famous if not rich and then throw it all together into a delicious pie EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE through funding drives. You won't find this collection in stores and the offer won't be repeated so your only chance at grabbing this is by tuning in, digging deep and getting on board with our mission to save radio. Remember, WE are the people, dear music fans, and WE can change things for the better and as much as I hate to admit this - it has a great deal to do with hard cold cash - or even warm cash if you prefer.

There are obviously a huge number of important and worthy causes right now and if we could help them all we would but sometimes you have to pick one and stick with it and we see radio as not just a tool for record promotion and entertainment but also and most importantly, as a VOICE ! It is a voice of the people and one that must not be silenced. Things have rarely been worse for freedom of expression on the airwaves and as Canadians we have far more freedom than you might imagine so let's keep it alive and thriving. Please tune in and check in with your local stations wherever you may be - or check in through the internet with ANY stations across Canada for details on how you can get involved and when to call. Most stations have well-maintained web-sites and several provide excellent links to stations across the country.

LET'S, GO CANADA !!!!! or wherever you may be reading this.

- the AGR Steering Committee


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