Friday, September 02, 2005

Let's Get Pickled !

OK - we are repeating ourselves a little this time around but if you haven't heard it yet then it's still news !!!

First of all - there are changes being made to the website so have a poke around.
New MP3s, new "about us" page, additions to existing pages and some new ones added.
This will be an ongoing project while we have a little time on our hands and our next addition will be more photos - cuz everyone loves photos -
and everyone loves PICKLES !!! and with THAT clever seque -

We would like to send out a big congratulations to Doc Pickles on the release of No Fire Day - his first CD - well, CDR but who really makes THAT distinction anymore? The lead off track produced by Dave Newfeld, famed producer for Broken Social Scene and punching bag for the NYPD, has been chosen by John Sakamoto for an upcoming podcast of the great Anti-Hit List. Check it out at the Toronto Star sometime next week (we think). The album also features the talents of Bottleneck's Robyn Carrigan and Alien Girl's Michelle Breslin who also engineered the rest of the record. Way ta go Doc !! onwards and upwards. Already charting here in town with only a handful of CDRs floating around.

SPEAKING of Robyn Carrigan - check out her duet with Carolyn Mark on Carolyn's most recent album now out !! It rocks.

The Secret Handshake kids have been making regular visits to Hit Record Studio at the Alien Girl compound. Bed tracks for their upcoming release were laid at our LOUD room outpost, Silver Island Studio, and subsequent tracking is currently underway. Look for it soon and to get your tastebuds going we will be presenting a sneak preview on an upcoming sampler being released to campus/community radio nationwide for funding drive giveaway time but in the words of Grace Jones - "if I don't give it how you gonna get it?". Uhm - in other words - the sampler will be available by giving giving giving to that old friend of the independent musician and small label - college radio. Tune in during funding drive at your favourite station to pick it up in return for a small donation.

The sampler will feature tracks by various Alien Girl artists as well as the extended family of friends and lovers. So far, the confirmed are Kevin Lynn (of King Cobb Steelie), The Secret Handshake, Sick Little Slinky, Sadoceanspacebear, Rudy Rempel, Doc Pickles, Squirrel and the Sleepy Mosquito Buzz Quartet. The calls are still going out and the tracks are still rolling in so check back for a proper track list SOON.

Stay tuned and thanks to all who have been out to recent shows, booked recent shows, put people up for the night, written reviews and bought and sold records.

the Alien Girl Records Steering Committee


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