Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"Crash" Goes the World

Just to do our part in turning the world inside out, we have added to the chaos with a little twist of our own. Saturday morning cartoons were put on hold this week at the home base as we spent our day trying to sort out why we no longer had a computer that would boot up. We soon discovered that the elves who operate the hard drive had walked off the job and had no intention of returning to that dusty work environment. Since we had no other option, we simply went out and brought in the scab elves. Hmmm this tall tale is becoming too political and I had better bail out before we are taken seriously and get a bad reputation as union-busters.

The sad fact of the matter is, like so many before us, we have fallen victim to cheaply made high-tech assembly line machinery. Our hard drive said goodbye rather abruptly and with no warning. OK OK if you don't include the few blue screens over the past few months and the degredation of various operations then there were no OTHER warnings. No matter how ya slice it, we are in a bad way and now have the delightful task of seeking professional data recovery help. Yes, most things were saved but, my goodness, who has the time to same EVERYthing? Not I.

What does all of this mean to you, the casual visitor? Not much except that the site may fall victim to neglect as we try to rebuild the mighty empire of Alien Girl. A fund raiser might be in order on this one. Every time it seems like we get a glimpse of solvency it fades, our eyes water and blur and we are back in realityland where the poor stay poor. But we have our love to keep us warm and some great music under wraps. If you happen to be reading this BEFORE Friday the 11th of Nov and you live or visit Toronto, please check out Doc Pickles and the Beethoven Frieze at the Boat in Kensington Market. It will be a very special show and if you are in Windsor come out and enjoy the last Sadoceanspacebear show of the year at the Phog this Sat. the 12th.

be well and good luck with your computers.



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