Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dirty Ass Rock and Roll

I have seen the future of rock and it's name is John Cale. Oh sure sure, that seems like the past but rarely have I seen a performance so sincere and effortless as the one that John Cale put on at the Lula Lounge here in Toronto. We caught the third of three nights and it was well beyond anything we expected to see. Surrounded by a hot shot trio of youngsters, Mr Cale blew the roof off the joint. It was a great mix of re-worked older material (dating all the way back to Vintage Violence) and new songs from Black Acetate with everything sounding current and exciting.

If you get a chance to see him on this tour then it might be the best concert you see all year or any year. We had the good fortune to catch him at a small venue right around the corner from Alien Girl Headquarters. The club was so civilized, in fact, that we were able to slip out between the opening act and JC to grab another drink at home and still get back in with none of the usual security hassles associated with some clubs here in town. Bravo to Gary Topp, the Lula Lounge and John Cale.

Several of the members of Sadoceanspacebear were in attendance so expect some new inspiration in the next live show... in February. In other news, we are still rebuilding after the big meltdown when one of the computers (the important one) went blank. Turns out it was a bad hard drive - thanks Dell, that makes one bad RAM stick and one faulty hard drive in the same computer so far. With the help of one of Michelle's kin, we managed to salvage some files but lost an unknown amount of information. What's that you say? Make sure you back up everything all the time? Uh, yes, well, ahem ...

The site was mostly unaffected as everything was retrievable from our host so it should be business as usual soon and we will be posting more new photos and MP3s and getting back on track with radio mailouts for the new compilation and the Doc Pickles album. Don't forget to call and request stuff at your local stations and we hope that you all pitched in during funding drive time wherever you may be.

Til next time,
be well.

AGR crew


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