Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Year in Review

it was an OK year I suppose - I mean, aside from all the endtimes activity all over the planet - and what better way to end the year here in Toronto than with a little random shooting spree at the very heart of the downtown core?

OK - let's face it, things seem slightly out of control these days but I am willing to bet that people have been saying that throughout the history of mankind, right? I mean, do we ever get smarter or more civilized? Sometimes it seems like we are sliding backwards but what does any of this have to do with music or Alien Girl? Well nothing really. I just happened to see the newspapers today.

For Alien Girl Records it was a proud year as we had the honour of working with Doc Pickles on his new record and Michelle got to record the Secret Handshake for an upcoming release. We were blessed with the gift of some fantastic tracks from a whole bunch of people for our extremely limited edition compilation for radio funding drives. The AGR headquarters finally got a DVD player and a new addiction. Everyone was well, Sadoceanspacebear wrapped up another phase in the ongoing history of the group with a fun show in Windsor and some fine fine moments at Mitzi's Sister in Toronto. Michelle completed a new record which will be out soon. It was good all around.

We will wrap this year up properly once it is entirely over but let's just say - it was a pippin. Hope all is well with all y'all and we are looking forward to becoming a busier little hive in the new year. Come back and visit soon.


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