Tuesday, January 10, 2006



We're really excited about a couple of upcoming shows, just in case you missed it on our news page!! This weekend January 14, 2 of our favourite acts are colliding to perform at THE BAGEL, on College St, just west of Spadina. Our very own, DOC PICKLES will be playing along with THE SECRET HANDSHAKE! It's a cd release party for The Secret Handshake, and their amazing new cd was recorded right here at Aliengirl Records headquarters!! If you haven't been out to see them yet, this is definitely the night! Both of these bands are fast moving writers, with a lot of interesting lyrics, so we highly recommend that you catch these songs now, before they move on to their next batch of delicious prose. This show is only $3! $6 if you want a cd at the door. (which we highly recommend.) and don't forget to save a few dollars for Doc's cd, as it is quickly disappearing.

The following weekend on January 20, Geoff Farnsworth will be showing his amazing paintings.

Geoff's paintings have been shown in New York, Washington, Vancouver, Toronto, and he will be showing them in Stockholm later this year. Geoff has just finished doing a wonderful painting for the upcoming "Sick little Slinky" release which we'll tell you more about later this month.
"His figures exsist in a brightly coloured realm which is both landscape and mindscape."
We really highly recommend that you come out experience these paintings.

You can view his work at:

www.photobucket.com/albums/c233/gfarnsworth/" target="blank">PhotoBucket gfarnsworth


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