Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Your Band Sucks/Sick Little Slinky

The winter was kind but long and the early spring sun is telling us that it is time to come out of the cave and release more records. First out of the gate is Michelle Breslin's Sick Little Slinky project. Grrrrlspeed is now officially out of the bag and on the way to radio and retail as you read this. Sick Little Slinky is Michelle's solo work in a less pop song related vein. Call it experimental or maybe just mental but no matter how you slice it, the final result of months of doodling and noodling on four tracks and ADATs and computers is a mesmerizing, dreamy trip. Electronic blips and bleeps and beats swimming along with lovely melodies and snips of vocalizing and acoustic guitars. A soundtrack to the strange times we are living in - dark and hopeful in equal proportions.

Next in line is the long awaited debut of Your Band Sucks. Doc Pickles has created an absolutely beautiful collection of songs that truly defy categorization. Quiet and personal, sometimes insightful, sometimes hilarious but always amazing and original, No Fire Day is a must have for fans of off-beat pop. Originally released last year as a limited run under the name Doc Pickles, the record includes contributions from Michelle Breslin of Sadoceanspacebear, Robyn Carrigan of Bottleneck, Dave Newfeld of Broken Social Scene's extended family and Melissa Boraski aka Ivy Pallas. Doc has been the host of one of Toronto's longest running and most influential new music nights, Wavelength, since its inception and has been a shadowy figure in the music scene for years with several of his own bands. Your Band Sucks is his current project.

Please check in with us for further updates as we continue with our new release schedule. Upcoming is the Moe Kellogg Best Of EP! Don't forget to request AGR releases at your favourite college radio station.


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