Tuesday, September 12, 2006


This is just to remind you all to check out the news page because there are many things happening around town and in general - we may have forgotten to mention the baby news but there is a new little spacebear by the name of Benjamin. I bet he will be joining the band soon so you should come and check out the new shows when Sadoceanspacebear gets back into action this fall. Yes - it is almost fall already but I am in denial about the end of summer. The new line-up should also feature our Web designer Ken Bannerman (ex-TransLoveAirways) replacing Melissa on Guitar.

And in case of confusion - Doc Pickles is still Doc Pickles on the site but lately he has been working as Your Band Sucks featuring Doc Pickles. Michelle and Steve have joined him in this little project and it has been a surprise every gig. Never the same thing twice - as a rule. The band recently featured Adam from the Meanredspiders who, by the way, played a beautiful set at the Virgin Fest in Toronto. Way to go guys.

So please check out www.aliengirlrecords.com and read up on all the news and get all the gig news. Everyone has something on the go even though SOSB is still resting.